Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plotting - Lynn Tincher defines the term plot as this:

1. A secret plan or scheme to accomplish some purpose, esp. a hostile, unlawful, or evil purpose: a plot to overthrow the government.

2. Also called storyline.The plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story.

Think of a plot as a roadmap to take your reader from the beginning of your story to the end. Nothing should happen at random. Every element should have significance and be purposeful. Each character has an agenda. We should be able to see why they care about the situation. The main plot of a story is the combination of the plots of its individual characters.

Each character has a personal agenda that changes based on the agendas of others. Foreshadowing is a great tool to lead your reader along the plot line. The trick is to put the plot into your story without the reader knowing about it or its importance. Remember that you are telling a story and stay on track with the story you're telling.

The protagonist must take charge of the story and its events eventually. They may be passive for a while, learning, scheming, and the like but they have to take charge. Every event, every thought, every happening must lend to the plot line and its characters development. Have fun with all of the devious little ways to coax and tease the reader along.

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