Monday, May 18, 2009


How do you create a sub-plot in novel?

One easy way is to write other chapters showing the different viewpoints of other characters or an alternative timeline of a memory of your main character. It is by these conventions that you can introduce new ideas that develop into new sub-plots.

Have you sub-plots work their way through the novel. The paths can cross at several times throughout. Sometimes, you sub-plot can take over as the main plot for time to time so that your reader will want to keep turning the page to see how all of these things come together in the end.

Be careful not to give too much away. You reader should not be able to put all of the pieces together until you, the author, want them to. Remember that the sub-plots should tie things up at the end or give way to a new route for a sequel if that is your goal.

If you have an old novel or a stalled one, take another look at it. See if a sub-plot could breathe new life into it. It may be that your new sub-plot could end up being a newly refreshed main plot you book desperately needed. You never know, until you try!

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  1. Interesting. I might revisit one of my older novels with this in mind. Thank you.


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