Friday, January 2, 2009

Be Open to Experiences

Be Open to Experiences
by Lynn Tincher

What makes us who we are? Our experiences do. What shapes the characters we develop? The experiences we have with ourselves and others do.

Keep yourself open to experience new things. Remember how incredible the hamburger was that your loved one made for you. How did you feel when you stood in the middle of a forest during the peak autumn season? How did you react to the news story you saw about the murders in your neighborhood? Write it all down. Journalize your experiences. You can develop characters, situations and scenes by delving into what has happened to you. Read blogs and comments to news stories and see other's experiences and reactions. Write those down along with how their reactions made you feel.

Put yourselves out there. Try new things. Read different types of books and listen to music you wouldn't normally listen to. Eat at a variety of restaurants from the dive on the corner to treating yourself to a very nice, upscale place. Take a day trip to a new town or plan a vacation to an unfamiliar place. The important thing is to absorb all the details you can from these experiences. Not only will they help you grow as an individual, but you will have a wealth of information to draw from when you write.

Copyright 2008 Lynn Tincher

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