Friday, January 2, 2009

Tracking Fans

Tracking your fans can be an easy task if you follow a few simple rules.

Always take a sign up sheet with you to all of your appearances. This will give your readers a chance to sign up to hear from you. Collect as much personal information as you can, especially email addresses. Email is the fastest and easiest way to connect with your readers and keep them informed.

Add a sign up link on your website and anyplace you have electronic information. This way, the information can be sent directly to a database for collection.

Use iFanz, Constant Contact or other email database companies to help you collect and maintain your mailing lists as well as the emails you send to your readers. Constant Contact, for example, is the program I use. I can send emails to different groups of readers depending on the type of information I need to have sent. Plus this is a great way to store your information remotely instead of using your own computer. This will lesson the risk of losing your information.

Do your research and find out the method that works best for you and good luck!

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