Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting Ideas by Laura Griffith

Getting Ideas
by Laura Griffith

Last year I attended the Midwest Literary Festival in Aurora, Illinois which consisted of book sales, presentations, and seminars for various types of writers. (Very highly recommended, by the way) One of the seminars I attended was on where and how writers come up with ideas for stories - an interesting topic but not a problem that I have faced as I writer. The writers who were on the panel actually shared my feelings on the subject. They (and I) believe that finding a story to write is rarely the problem - the issue becomes planning it out and getting the complete story down on paper (or computer).

I have heard before that there are only a few unique stories out there that are just retold over and over in different ways. I disagree. There are unique stories everywhere we look - the news, history, and in everyday life. Inspiration for a story can come from so many places. That is why it is important for you, as a writer, to carry around a journal or PDA to take notes or jot down ideas at all times. Then, when a story idea materializes - at work, watching TV, or sitting on a bus - write it down. Even if you are currently working on a project, you can file away these ideas for when you are ready to start something new. Or, if you are struggling with an idea or scene you are working on, it is helpful to take up the hobby of people-watching. Sit in a coffee shop or a park and watch the people around you. Make up a story about a situation you see and write it down. It may be silly, and you may never use it or show a soul. But it is a great story-telling exercise because each individual we talk to or pass on the street has a unique story. It's just a matter of how to tell it.

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